Fig Garden

One of the most sought after neighborhoods in Fresno. Fig Garden is surrounded by dense shade trees, residents can often be found walking, jogging, and biking down the streets (there are no sidewalks). This neighborhood is very different than others in Fresno. Unlike the housing developments we see popping up in a few months, this neighborhood took decades to develop. The lots are large, the landscaping lush, and the homes a random a combination of bungalows, period revival, adobe, and ranch. Many of them with basements, libraries, and even the occasional hidden passage!

During Christmas, Van Ness Ave is the most popular street in town. Making up what residents call Christmas Tree Lane, homeowners decorate their homes and yards with magnificent displays of lights and wood cutouts. On designated ‘walk only nights’, the residents often host front yard parties and pipe Christmas music throughout to keep the spirit alive for old and young alike.


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